Privacy policy


In this Privacy Policy you can find all the relevant information that applies to the use made of personal data of all customers and users, regardless of the channel or medium of NAVIRNET SLU distribuidora de material aeronáutico.

Therefore, the data controller is NAVIRNET SLU distribuidora de material aeronáutico, a company that currently operates in Finca La Llomba RUISEÑADA – COMILLAS

39528 CANTABRIA, with telephone 639432788 – 610044570 and e-mail dedicated to the sale of all types of aeronautical material and power banks. This company is therefore responsible for processing and protecting personal data.


Depending on the products, services or functionalities that you want to enjoy at all times, it is necessary to treat some data or others that in general will be, depending on the case, the following:

– Identification data: Name, surname, address, contact data…

– Economic and transactional information: Payment or card details, information about purchases, orders, returns…

– Connection, geolocation and navigation data: Mobile connections… – Commercial information: Newsletter subscription…

– Data on tastes and preferences

Please note that when you are asked to fill in personal data to provide access to some functionality or service of our website, some fields may be marked as mandatory, because they are necessary data to provide the service or provide access to the functionality in question. It should be noted that users who do not choose to provide such data may not be able to complete the registration as a user or may not be able to enjoy those services or functionalities.

Depending on how you interact with our website and our online store, personal data will be processed for the following purposes:

– To manage the registration as a user of the online store: when a user registers in our online store, it is necessary to treat the data to make possible the identification as a user and facilitate access to the different functionalities, products and services that are available as a registered user.

You can cancel the registered user account by contacting us through Customer Service or our email

– For the development, fulfillment and execution of the contract of sale or services that have been contracted through the website or online store if applicable: The data, on this occasion, are used for a number of different functionalities, which are listed below:

(a) Contact in relation to updates or informative communications related to the products or services contracted.
b) Manage the payment of the products purchased, regardless of the payment method used. The consent for the activation of this functionality allows the payment data to appear autocompleted so that it is not necessary to re-enter them in each new process and they will be understood valid and in force for subsequent purchases. It is always possible to delete or modify the cards at any time through the section corresponding to the payment information through the registered user account on the website.
c) Activate the necessary mechanisms in order to prevent potential fraud against any of the parties (seller or buyer) during the purchase process. If it is considered that the operation may be fraudulent, this treatment may result in the blocking of the transaction.
d) To manage possible returns once a purchase has been made and to manage requests for information on the availability of the candies, as such transactions are available at any given time.
e) For billing purposes and to be able to make available to customers the invoices for purchases that have been made in the online store.
f) To ensure the use of other features or services available.

– To respond to requests or requests made through the Customer Service channels: Only personal data that is strictly necessary to manage or resolve any request or request is processed.

For marketing purposes: Includes different functionalities, such as:

(a) To the extent that a user subscribes to our Newsletter, we will process his or her personal data to manage the subscription, including sending personalized information about our products or services through various means (such as email). Therefore, it should be noted that this data processing involves the analysis of the user or customer profile to determine what are the preferences of each customer and, therefore, what may be the products or services that can best fit your style when sending that information. For example, based on the purchase and navigation history (depending on the candy sections that have been visited during navigation and that we can visualize through our Chat), we can make suggestions of all those products that we consider that can be of interest and, if it is a registered user, we will facilitate the functionality of “cart recovery”. A user can unsubscribe from the Newsletter at any time and at no cost through the Newsletter section of the website, as well as through the communications provided in each communication.
b) To carry out promotional actions (for example, for the development of sweepstakes or contests). By participating in any promotional action, you are authorizing us to process the data provided to us depending on each promotional action and we can communicate them through various means such as social networks or the website or online store.
c) Disseminate on the website or through our social media channels photographs or images that users have shared publicly, provided that they have previously given us their consent to do so.

– Usability and quality analysis to improve our services: If you access our website or online store, navigation data may be used for analytical and statistical purposes, i.e. to understand how users interact with our platform and thus be able to make improvements to it. Likewise, sometimes actions and quality surveys can be carried out in order to know the degree of satisfaction of customers and users and detect those areas where improvements can be made.


a) To manage the registration as a user of the website: The processing of data is necessary for the execution of the terms that regulate the use of the platform (website and online store). In other words, in order to make the correct registration as a user possible, we need to process the personal data, otherwise it would be impossible to manage such registration.

b) Development, fulfillment and execution of the sales or service contract: The processing of data is necessary for the execution of the contract of sale or provision of services that binds us to the customer. It is possible that some data processing associated with the purchase process is activated only because the user requests it or authorizes it directly to us, as is the case of the storage of payment data (card) for future purchases or the processing of data necessary to inform about the availability of certain products. In all these cases, the basis on which the data will be processed is the consent of the users and customers themselves. We consider that we have a legitimate interest to carry out the necessary checks to detect and prevent possible fraud when a purchase is made. It is understood that the processing of this data is positive for all parties involved when payment occurs in a purchase and, in particular, for users and customers, as it allows us measures to protect all parties from fraud attempts made by third parties.

c) Customer service: We consider that we have a legitimate interest in attending to requests or queries made to us through the various existing means of contact. It is understood that the processing of this data is also beneficial to users and customers insofar as it allows us to provide an adequate customer service and resolve the queries raised. When we are contacted, in particular, for the management of incidents related to the order or the product/service purchased through the online store, the processing is necessary for the execution of the purchase contract. When the queries are related to the exercise of the rights of users or customers or claims related to products or services, what legitimizes us to process the data is the fulfillment of legal obligations on our part.

d) Marketing: The legitimate basis for processing data for marketing purposes is the consent given to us, for example, when you agree to receive personalized information through various means, when you authorize the sending of information through the Newsletter, when you accept the legal basis to participate in a promotional action or to publish photos on the website or on our social media channels. To display personalized information, we consider that we have a legitimate interest to perform a profiling with the information we have about users (such as browsing performed, preferences or purchase history) and personal data provided to us such as place of residence, as we understand that the processing of this data is also beneficial to users because it allows them to improve their experience on our website and online store and access information according to their preferences.
e) Analysis of usability and quality: We consider that we have a legitimate interest to analyze the usability of the website and online store, as well as the degree of user satisfaction, as we understand that the processing of this data is also beneficial to these users because the purpose is to improve the user experience and offer a higher quality service.


The period of data retention will depend on the purposes for which they are processed, as explained below:

a) To manage the registration as a user of the website and online store: The data will be processed for as long as the user remains a registered user (i.e., until the user decides to unsubscribe).
b) Development, fulfillment and execution of the contract of sale or services: The data will be processed for the time necessary to manage the purchase of products or services that have been purchased, including possible returns, complaints or claims associated with the purchase of the product or service in particular. On some occasions, data will only be processed until the time the user decides, as is the case of payment data (card) that we have been asked to store for possible future purchases.
c) Customer service: The data will be processed for as long as necessary to respond to requests or requests.
d) Marketing: The data will be processed until the user unsubscribes or cancels his subscription to our Newsletter.
e) Usability and quality analysis: The data will be processed from time to time for as long as it is necessary to carry out a specific action or quality survey or until the browsing data is made anonymous.

Regardless of how the data are processed for the time strictly necessary to fulfill the corresponding purpose, they will be subsequently kept duly stored and protected for as long as any liabilities arising from the processing may arise, in compliance with the regulations in force at any given time. Once the possible actions in each case are prescribed, the personal data will be deleted.


In order to fulfill the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy, it is necessary that we give access to the personal data of users to entities belonging to NAVIRNET SLU and third parties that support us in the services we offer, such as the following:

– Financial entities

– Fraud detection and prevention entities

– Technological service providers

– Providers and partners of logistics, transportation and delivery services – Providers of services related to customer service

– Marketing and advertising service providers and partners.


From NAVIRNET SLU we are committed to respect the confidentiality of personal data and to guarantee the exercise of rights to users. These rights can be exercised at no cost; for them it is only necessary to send us an email to; it would only be necessary to indicate the reason for the request and the right you want to exercise. If we need to identify a user, we may request a copy of a proof of identity. In particular, regardless of the purpose or legal basis on the basis of which the personal data are processed, users have the right to:

– Request access to the data we have about users: In case of being a registered user of our website and online store, this information can also be consulted in the section corresponding to personal data.

– Request rectification of the data we already have: If you are a registered user of our website and online store, you can access the section corresponding to personal data from each user’s account to modify or update personal data. In any case, it should be noted that by actively providing us with personal data by any means, it is guaranteed that they are true and accurate and that the user agrees to notify us of any change or modification thereof. Any loss or damage caused to the website or online store or to the person responsible for them or to any third party by reason of the communication of erroneous, inaccurate or incomplete information in the registration forms shall be the sole responsibility of the user. As a general rule, it is only necessary for users to provide us with their own personal data, not those of third parties, except as permitted in this Privacy Policy.

– Request the deletion of personal data: It is possible to the extent that they are no longer necessary for the purpose for which we needed them or for which we treated them as we have reported above, or if we no longer have the necessary legitimacy to do so.

– Request the limitation in the processing of personal data: It means that in certain cases the user can temporarily suspend us in the processing of data or that we keep them beyond the necessary time when necessary.

If users have provided us with consent to the processing of personal data for any purpose, they also have the right to withdraw their consent at any time. When our legitimization for data processing is the consent of the users or the execution of the contract, you also have the right to request the portability of personal data; this means that you have the right to receive the personal data that you have not provided in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, so that it can be transmitted to another entity directly, provided that it is technically possible.

Moreover, where the processing of personal data is based on a legitimate interest, users also have the right to object to the processing of personal data.

Finally, there is the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant data protection supervisory authority, in particular the Spanish Data Protection Agency (


We offer features or services that require the processing of personal data of a third party that the user provides us, as in the case where you want to send a gift. If you provide us with personal data of third parties, the user is guaranteeing to have informed them about the purposes and the way in which NAVIRNET SLU needs to treat their personal data.


It is possible that we modify the information contained in this Privacy Policy when deemed appropriate. In case it is carried out, users will be notified in different ways through the website (for example, through a banner) or, even, we can communicate it through the email address when the change in question is significant for the privacy of users, so that they can review the changes, assess them and, if necessary, oppose or unsubscribe from any service or specific functionality. In any case, it is suggested that this Privacy Policy be reviewed from time to time in case there are minor changes or some interactive improvements are introduced, taking advantage of the fact that it can always be found as a permanent point of information on our website and online store.


We use Cookies and similar devices to facilitate navigation on the website and online store (maintain an open session with the server), to know how users interact and, in certain cases, to be able to display advertising based on browsing habits. Please, we ask users to read our Cookies Policy to learn more about the Cookies and similar devices we use, their purpose and other information of interest.

Users can configure their browsers to be warned on screen of the reception of Cookies and to prevent the installation of Cookies on their hard drive.