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Also, we supplying EASA approved flight simulators FNPT II MCC and FTD manufactured in Spain.

Airplanes flight simulators: Airbus A320, King Air B200, Piper Seneca and more.

Helicopters flight simulators: AW139, Bell 412, AS365, EC155, AS350, AW109, EC135, EC120 and more.

The autogyro, also known as rotaplane, gyrocopter or gyroplane, is a flying machine, similar to airplanes and helicopters, but with unique characteristics that make it one of the most secure and special aircrafts ever.

autogyroThis machine is a type of rotorcraft that in appearance looks similar to helicopters, however, unlike these, autogyro uses an unpowered rotor that requires have air flowing through the rotor disc to generate rotation.

The gyroplane was designed by Juan de la Cierva, a Spanish engineer that created an aircraft that could fly at slow speeds. The autogyro was first flown on January 9th 1923 in Madrid. The main feature of autogyros is to power the rotor by autorotation (unlike the helicopters that require use of active rotation), this Cierva´s invention resulted in a revolution in aviation.

This aircrafts can take off and land in significantly smaller areas (compared to conventional fixed-wing aircrafts). They can even land straight down in some cases. In autogyros there is no power transmission to the rotor during flight and the rotor always turns regardless of the airspeed of the aircraft, though as airspeed decreases rotor rpm reduces to a minimum value at zero airspeed. The rotor always turns, regardless of the airspeed of the aircraft.

Autogyros are very smooth and stable in flight, due to the centrifugal effect of the rotor, at the same time, minimizes the effect of turbulence. The gyroplanes can be flown in strong winds, and can practically be used year-round.

Characteristics and uses of autogyros

The main autogyro characteristics are short takeoffs, agility in maneuvering and flight safety, that make of them different from other aircraft. These particularities together with the relatively low cost, compare to other aircrafts, make these aircrafts an interesting choice for public bodies, police or even armies machine.

• Reliable Mechanics
• Ease of pilot
• Stability
• Low cost
• Capacity of flight
• Security (In case of engine failure, the autogyro lands easily).

Although the gyroplanes are mainly use for recreational flying, there are many other fields that are currently including autogyros as the aircraft of choice.


• Surveillance: forestry, power lines, railways, borders, traffic, illegal constructions, smuggling costs, gas, environmental control…
• Agricultural crop spaying, fumigation.
• Light and small transports.
• Video and film.
• Positioning.

Gyroplane Flight Simulator

Presentación 2014 – GyroSim

GyroSim – gyroplane flight simulator. Enjoy flying safely.

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Simulador de autogiro



Basado en el modelo Magni M16, puede adaptarse a otros modelos.

Gyrocopter Flight Simulator

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