ASA Prepware Set of 3 AMT Tests: General, Airframe & Powerplant
Knowledge Exam Software That Allows users to take true-to-form practice exams and get immediate feedback on the test areas need more work That. Tailor-made practice sessions Improve your performance in the areas you need to concentrate on the Most to pass the test.
Questions are supported by study guides and comprehensive Explanations for correct and incorrect answers. Instructors can create pop quizzes of any length, on any subject matter, to supplement the study sessions. You tell the software Which test you’re preparing for, and it Generates your study sessions and practice tests accordingly.
Realistic test simulation, study and review models, detailed performance graphs, comprehensive study guides and built-in timers give you the confidence you need to ace your FAA exam. Whether you choose to simulate an actual FAA test, or study specific subjects and questions, Prepware has the tools you need.
Also included is the instructor utility, QuizMaker, to generate pop quizzes or exams using actual FAA questions. Quizzes can be of any length and on any specific or combination of subjects or subject matter knowledge codes. You can print exams, student answer sheets, and instructor master correction keys for quick grading, or save the tests so your students can take These electronically.
ASA’s Prepware combines all the information applicants will find in the Test Prep Series. Prepware Gives you everything you need to be confident and prepared for your FAA Knowledge Exams, and the accuracy and reliability Brings of ASA’s industry-leading Test Prep books to your home or office computer. Complete and easy-to-use, Prepware is the preparation and test tool for today’s aviator.

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